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Modeling For Jeanne In 1965
You know the name Linda Padgett Hollandsworth as she has contributed many great photos to our archive. And here she is a few years back modeling for Jeanne Joyce in the Fieldale store. Jeanne and her husband Bob Joyce operated Joyce Drugs for many years. In the early 1960s Jeanne bought Harlowe's which was a women's clothing store. Sallie Overby Harlowe and her husband Nathan Harlowe started Harlowes about 1932. The Harlowes were great entrepreneurs and so were the Joyces. Linda Padgett Hollandsworth worked at Jeanne's shop during the summer and Christmas holidays of her high school and college years. Thank you Linda for your photos! View related photos in our archive: search for Harlowe, Joyce, Jeanne.

From A Private Collection


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