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Fieldale High School Chorus 1960s
The date of this photo is unknown but it is likely about 1963. These are students at Fieldale High School in Fieldale, VA. The choral leader and teacher seated at the right is Paul Zimmerman. To his left is Jeanie Barnes, Jenna Compton, and Peggy Beheler. Directly behind Jeanie Barnes is Diane Tilley. Two rows directly behind Peggy Beheler is Danny Hopkins. On the back row beginning on the viewer's left are: Ronnie Brown, Will Chambley, Jimmy Berry, Paul Jones, Mac Campbell, Jerry Wright, Wayne Joyce, Aubrey Price, John Hollandsworth, ??, Tommy Turner, and Terrell Odell. In front of Terrell Odell is Dee Curwen. In front of Tommy Turner is Mary Shannon Rives. Front row viewer's left is Carolyn Robertson. We're a little unsure on the rest and apologize for that. If you can help identify any please send them in below.

Reader Comment: Bobby Wickline is the second person from the left of Dee Curwen. He is wearing glasses

Reader (IP Address: Comment: Front row - left to right: ??, Carolyn Robertson, Dolores Jamison, ??, ??, Gloria Ramsey, Dorothy Hall. Second row - Becky Barnard, ??

Reader (IP Address: Comment: For several years I took piano lessons from Paul Zimmerman in Martinsville. He taught us to play by chords rather than the traditional style of teaching. We played piano on his radio show at WMVA. This was about 1950. Boy that brings back memories! Beverly

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