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Drafting Class At FCC
Do you recognize these students? They are in a drafting class at Fieldale-Collinsville High School in the 1970s. A drafting class is good training as it teaches you to look at things from different perspectives. Along about the time of this photo the first computer-aided drafting program, Sketchpad, came into use. Actually that was a little earlier ... in the 1960s. In 1969, the company Computervision was created for the purpose of producing production-drafting systems. Computervision sold its first such system to Xerox that same year. Auto-trol was a 1970s pioneer in the CAD industry.

Truman Adkins Comment:
This photo was made about 1977 or 1978. I think the person on the far right is Doug Bazakis.

Having consulted with various people who should know, I now think those guys are from the left, One of the Tranthams, Terry Gilbert (in the back, someone at the hospital is showing it to him so he can say for sure) Tony Witt and Doug Bazakas.

Andrew Kahle Comment:
The drafting picture is great..the person on the left is DEFINITELY Ronnie or Donnie Trantham

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