Martinsville Virginia Henry County VA Photos To Identify
Smith River Covered Bridge south of Martinsville, VA in 1911
Smith River Covered Bridge in 1911 Looking Downstream

Smith River Covered Bridge (photo at top and at right) crossed the river just south of the City of Martinsville, VA along what is route 220 Business today. Just upstream was the Smith River Dam, part of the hydroelectric generating station built in 1906. The plant furnished 50 city homes with light and eliminated the need for kerosene lamps. It also did away with the task of lighting street lights by hand. Covered bridges are identified by their arrangement of trusses. Depending on their length the arrangement varies. View an extensive discussion of trusses HERE.

Smith River Covered Bridge
Smith River Covered Bridge from below
Modern Day Covered Bridge replaced Danville and Western Trestle near Chatmoss
A modern day covered bridge near Chatmoss
This privately owned bridge may be seen along Route 777 near Chatmoss Country Club. It occupies the spot where the old Dick and Willy (Danville & Western) railroad trestle once stood. According to Marty Wyatt, covered bridge model builder, the bridge has a Warren style truss arrangement. This bridge was completed about 2005.


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