Binding Time Book Fair 2011

Author Margaret Adkins

displaying her very popular book 'Echoes'

Carolyn Garnes

Author of 'A Fresh Look at Origins'

Book Fair Group

Discussing books, foods, writing, coconut ...

Historian Tom Perry

displaying his newest book 'Fieldale, Virginia'

Carter Greer

Promoting his father T. Keister Greer's book the 'Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935'.

Author Dorothy Carter

has written 'Facing Fallout'. Read more on her website HERE.

Angela Harris: author of 'Tabby's Great Adventure' and 'Night Light'

Her poem 'Spindle- Weave' displaying at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. Website.

Book Fair Visitor

Mr. Hall, who happens to be the grandson of WMVA Radio personality Owen Hall.

Author Karen Hall

has written 'Building the Blue Ridge Parkway'. Visit her site HERE.

Libby Bondurant

travels across Virginia to talk about her cookbook 'Grazing Along The Crooked Road'

Author Mary Dalton

autographed her book for children entitled 'Rainbows Promise'

Author Mary Daughtridge

discussing her book 'Sealed With A Kiss'

Author and Axton native Mary Kendall Hope

has written 'The Dying Room' about an old Henry County Hospital

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