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Martinsville and Henry County Historical Society's
Vietnam Exhibit, NEVER FORGET, 11/13/2011

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Photos from the Exhibit Opening

Larry Davis Hatcher
Larry Davis Hatcher . Panel 49E . Row 22 . began his tour of duty in Vietnam on 2/25/1968
Killed in hostile ground fire on 4/11/1968 . Quang Nam . 46 days

And Lonnie Douglas Alley, Lonnie Allan Brooks, Frank Joseph Bowles, Jerry Allen Dillard, Samuel Harrison Easley II, Douglas Lee Foley, Johnny Michael Hairston, Robert Vernon Holland, Louis Allen Jefferson, Lewis Dean Lampkin, Lewis Randolph Lovell, Jr., Charles Edward Manns, Alphonso S. Martin, Harry Pemberton Martin, Linwood Dwight Martin, Calvin Wetzel Ramsey, Tony Elwood Seay, James Allen Souther, Gordon Elliott Stone, Clovis Bernard Walker, Morris Alfred Whitehead, David Wayne Wilson, Samuel Earnest Witcher. All are Henry County men who lost their lives in Vietnam. 

Henry County Historical Society
Henry County Historical Society
Vietnam Exhibit


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